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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Dyeing boots from light khaki brown to navy blue

I had some knee high boots, I had altered to have laces up the back.

However I still didn't wear them. I decided I would prefer them if they were navy blue (which I've not been able to find) so proceeded to dye them.

I used Dylon Leather Dye in Navy blue - I'd used half a bottle refinishing some worn navy brogues. So I started the boots with the other half a bottle. In the end I bought another 2 bottles to get several coats on the boots and a good rich coverage of colour.
Although the dye comes with its own small brush I don't like to use it. Instead I pour the dye out into a small plastic pot and apply it with an artists paintbrush.
This leather was quite matte and porous so I painted the dye (which has the consistency of calligraphy ink) on without use stripper first.
Once they had dried I liberally applied Timpson Navy Shoe polish and buffed with a shoe brush.
I am very pleased with my new navy boots and hope to enjoy wearing them this winter.


Barbara said...

Love it Ruthie. I have had that same dye ready to do some boots navy for years. Better get on it now. Also can I contact you directly? My own email is babsann.emodi@gmail.com

Carol in Denver said...

Impressive makeover, Ruthie. Have you dyed suede shoes? I have some tan I'd like to be black.