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Friday, 31 August 2018

100 metre project

I've been using the stash shrinker spreadsheet to record the fabric sewn. The wool mix cardigan got me to 99.5 metres sewn, and then I wasn't sure what direction to go for my 100th metre project.

This was resolved by my friend B asking me to make storage bags for her folding outdoor chairs. She wanted drawstring tops and a strap to carry them.

She came over and we picked something suitable from the fabric I was planning to donate, then found co-ordinating drawstrings and webbing.
I then made the bags to fit the chairs comfortably with matching thread and lots of double stritching so the handle and bag bottom was secure.

It was quite a refreshing way to sew as I did not use or make a pattern, just measured by laying a chair on the fabric and cutting it long and wide enough to go round it. I then measured the cording and webbing against the size of the pieces cut.

Construction was as follows:-
  1. overlock all the way round the piece of fabric.
  2. sew up the long side seam, leaving a small gap in the stitching for the drawstring.
  3. finger press side seam open, fold over the drawstring casing and stitch.
  4. thread cord through casing and knot.
  5. finish ends of webbing. stitch webbing at top of bag (below casing), fold over and stitch again.
  6. stitch bottom of webbing strap to the bottom of the bag
  7. turn inside out and sew up the bottom seam, encasing the end of the webbing
Sewing the bottom of the bag last enabled me to have the webbing ends encased and tidy and most of the construction was straighforward (ie not trying to sew the bottom of the strap to the outside of the bag with it closed).

For this project I used just over a metre of wide poly woven fabric which seemed strong and not prone to mustiness when damp. Let's hope they see many years of service!


Alison said...

I'm impressed, 100 meters and the year only a little more than halfway gone... I'm sure that your friend is very pleased with your carry totes for her chairs!

Ann said...

Congratulations on sewing 100 meters so far this year. Job well don Ruthie.

Catherine said...

What a great project! And congratulations on reaching your goal!

Carol in Denver said...

I love to sew useful things and like your word "refreshing" to describe such sewing.

Ann Brodsky said...

I am so impressed! Congratulations on realizing your goal!

Anne said...

Congratulations on reaching your 100 metres! Wow!