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Sunday, 5 August 2018

Sew – the Garment-Making Book of Knowledge

SEW... The Garment –Making Book of Knowledge

Real-Life Lessons from a Serial Sewist

Barbara Emodi

I ordered a hardcopy of Barbara’s book as soon as it was available in the UK and have really enjoyed dipping in and out of it over the weeks since then. So it is a great pleasure to be part of the blog tour, sharing with you what I loved about it.
I think the book is particularly suited to someone who has got a sewing machine, attended some sewing classes, made a few garments but wants to know what they could do next. However I’ve been sewing (mostly self taught) for about 30 years and have learned some new tricks from this, as well as been reminded of some other stuff I had forgotten I knew. I wish something like this had been available in the past as it probably would have helped avoid some of my more disastrous sewing projects!

I felt very affirmed by the book. Barbara offers all sorts of helpful tips, but also encourages us to find a way and style of sewing that works for each of us. I’m pretty sure this is the only sewing book I own which has a chapter called ‘Sewing For Joy’ (Chapter 9 if you are interested). And for me sewing is a joy (as long as I get to choose my own projects and timeframes).

This book is therefore so much more than a collection of tips for improving your sewing, more like a wise sewing friend (or auntie) being by your side with some suggestions. You can try them, or go your own way, but at least you got the information.  

Here’s some of the bits I liked best this week (I might pick other favourites on a different occasion as there are many goodies to choose from.)
Top Left - from Chapter 2 'What to Sew', looking at the Lifestyle Pie

Top Right -  from Chapter 3 'Finding the Right Pattern' on how to do an easy zippered pocket (I'm going to try this and will share it with you when I do!)

Bottom Left - Chapter 4 'If it fits, they will wear it', looking at the detailed Personal Measurement Chart, which has adjustment hints as well (with page numbers)

Bottom Right - Chapter 6 'Choosing and cutting fabric', Mini Lessons on cutting striped fabric (which I used on my previous project and a very clever piece on matching print motifs.

Barbara walks the sewist through the process from determining what garments to sew to fit with your lifestyle and wardrobe, (something I struggled with for years), choosing and fitting patterns (ongoing frustration), fabric, equipment, (I really must get me some duck billed scizzors) and then your strategy for sewing for joy going forwards.

For some reason the publisher didn't include an Index, so if you want to find which page has the handy tip on a full tummy alteration you have to do a bit of work with the index and flipping through the chapters  to find it (it is on page 114 btw), however the more I read and re-read the book, the more familiar I am with the different sections and their contents.

C&T Publishing have offered to give away an eBook copy of the book to one of the readers of SewRuthieStyle.  If you’d like to enter please leave a comment about how sewing brings you joy, and I'll draw a name on Thursday 9th August.

The blog tour schedule is as follows:
Please do have a read of the other reviews for a different perspective.  

I bought this book full price, with my own money and was so glad I did. I recommend it whole heartedly!
Although Barbara has targeted her book towards the beginning sewer (who will find it immensely helpful) it is also invaluable to  those who have been sewing a bit longer. I'm hugely grateful for Barbara for putting all those thoughts into a book. When the thread breaks late at night and I stop sewing before I make it worse, I spend 5 minutes with a cup of tea and SEW.. and know it'll all be OK tomorrow.


The winner was Lyn J. Please email me so I can arrnage for you to get the ebook.


Unknown said...

Ooh, sounds like a fabulous sewing companion, loved your comment about being given the info and then choosing what to do with it yourself ��. I’d love an economy, maybe that would make it easier to use, search engine, given it has no index ��. Hopefully that will be rectified in future publishings. Thbaks for the chance ��

Unknown said...

I love her Sewing on the Edge blog and I'm really interested in reading her book. I think that making things in general brings me joy and so does learning to do new things. I recently made welt pockets for the first time and there was an error in the instructions but I figured it out anyway and they looked great. I love puzzles and solving problems so that was immensely satisfying. I've had some projects that I squeezed out of remnants and had to get creative to make things work and everything just serendipitously worked together in way that made me glad I'd been forced to do it like that, and I ended up with garments that make me feel good every time I wear them. It's always such a fun surprise when things work out like that.

Corinne said...

Sewing Joy is a beautifully made garment that fits and flatters.

Kay said...

Thanks Ruthie for a wonderful review. Most reviews from sewing blogs post gloried reviews that it’s great great great, without actually saying what was so great, what really helped. Your review is very clear to convey that.

I love Barbara’s sense of humour and dry wit and enjoy her blog. Upon reading your review, I’d love to win a copy of this ebook.

starryfish said...

Like a lot of sewers, sewing brings me joy when I look at my wardrobe full of clothes that fit me properly! I cannot get RTW trousers that are even close to a fit.

Thank you for reviewing this book, it looks as if it would be a useful addition to any sewers bookshelf.

PJSewlady said...

Thanks for the detailed review. I love both your and Barbara’s blogs.

Marilyn said...

Great review of the book. It makes you want to read it. I would love a copy on my bookshelf.

andib said...

Thanks for the book review Ruthie!
I find sewing joy in the colors of the fabric, and the confidence in wearing clothes that fit well and are unique. I would love to be considered for the give away! Thanks!

Ginger said...

Looks like a great resource. Even though I’ve sewn basically forever, I always enjoy sewing something new!

kitty0313 said...

Thank you for a detailed review. It's so useful to have a greater sense of the scope of the book. As a returning sewist (starting from a fairly low base, though!), I realize that fitting was such a minor consideration for my youthful, standard body, College sewing self. Fast forward decades and the changes are many (!): the full tum adjustment alone makes me want to have a copy of Barbara's book!!

Lyn J. said...

I'm like you -- I've sewn for a number of years, but I'm always on the lookout for good tips and tricks to make my sewing time more enjoyable and productive. Plus, I've enjoyed Barbara's blog (and "conversations") for a few years so I'm sure there will be plenty more of the same in her book. It's now up there on my wishlist! Lyn J.

Sandy in CA said...

There's nothing better than wearing a garment that fits beautifully and is flattering -- and it's even more wonderful when I made it!

Joyce said...

Sewing is a joy - especially when you get complimented and asked where did you buy that...the joy comes from saying 'I made this myself' - great book - one which I would dearly love to have. Thank you for the opportunity to earn it.

jemilyea said...

I had my local library order this book and really enjoyed reading it. I liked her chatty style which is so like her blog. (I also like your blog and capsule wardrobes!)

Lisa said...

Love the sense of accomplishment!

Unknown said...

I just found your website tonight and love your articles! Bummer I missed your drawing. How can I purchase this book as an ebook?