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Monday, 13 August 2018

Patchwork Tee Thoughts - Ottobre 5/2018 #8

I came across this from Ottobre 5/2012, which I don't currently own, but was fascinated by this as a way of using up knit scraps.

I wonder if the magazine contains instructions for cutting the pieces? If it is just the basic tee pattern I could use one I already have and make patchwork yardage out of my knit scraps. I sippose to be harmonious one needs to have some coomon theme in colours. I suspect there is a great deal more art in this than would appear initially.

I wonder if anyone actually made this as the patchwork version, and if so if I could see the photos of their projects?

I now cannot bear to throw away my knit scraps as I am imagining a fabulous casual top like this!

I suppose a start would be to sort my knit scraps by base colour and see what speaks to me. It could be a while before anything actually pops out of the sewing room though.
Someone who has this kindly told me.
It is a basic t-shirt, it shares the back and sleeves from #11 and #13 in the same issue. The instructions say that you should preshrink and press your knits, trace single layer front and back pattern pieces and draw the horizontal lines from the pattern markings and the vertical lines for the patchwork by eye. Then cut pieces and sew for each row, then sew the rows together, then cut out the front, back and sleeves.

Looking at the line drawing, there is definitely a pattern and a balance to the patchwork. It's based on horizontal rows divided unequally in to three or four parts. The sleeves are just horizontal rows, no vertical divisions.

Thanks for the Link EveUK


Silknmore said...

Recently http://www.hungryhippiesews.com/ was at our local ASG meeting. She uses her scraps in a similar way to make leggings for her daughter and thus to use up scraps. I immediately went to my knit scrap bin and put together some pieces for my GD. It was much more difficult than I thought to get pieces to fit together, especially for knits that only stretch lengthwise. I'll be eager to see your result and to learn how to colorblock more efficiently.

Alison said...

I love the concept of that patchwork tee shirt, and it really makes me wish that I had an assortment of knit scraps in various prints so I could try it out... unfortunately my collection of knit fabrics in my "resource center" are almost all solid colors. I am tempted to stop in our local thrift store to see if there are any interesting printed knits

What seems crucial, looking at the pictured drawing and the photo, would be to have fabrics that are all both harmonious in color, and slightly varying in the scale of the print, from medium to small scale. I am going to try and do a drawing based on my own TNT tee shirt pattern, to diagram out where the different scale prints go, which is what makes the design seem nicely balanced, as the designer intended...

indigotiger from SG

Audrey said...

Ruthie, Since you often sew several knit tops in coordinating colors for your SWAPs I am thinking you would have some really lovely scraps that would look fantastic in this T shirt. Sorry I can't help you on the pattern question. Ottobre isn't readily available near me.

KS_Sews (Dressmakingbacles) said...

I do have this issue and can look when I get home to see if there are actual pattern pieces or what.

HOWEVER, couldn't you arrange your scraps and sew them together to create yardage?? Maybe for each piece separately...e.g., create a piece big enough to cut the front, another big enough to cut the back, etc.

EveUk said...

Hello, a lovely blogger Comulsive Seamstress from the UK did this freestyle earlier this year. Please take a look at her blog post: https://compulsiveseamstress.com/2017/08/24/shout-to-the-top/.
Love your organised approach to sewing a wardrobe, very encouraging to those of us who keep sewing orphans!

EveUk said...

Apologies, that's Compulsive Seamstress...