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Saturday, 4 August 2018

Style Arc Nina in Black with Aqua stripes

I loved my first StyleArc Nina cardigan so much I decided to sew another one right away, and to go with stripes for something different. It will be more memorable but it is so much fun, it made me smile when I put it on.
On the plus side my visual vertigo is much improved and I managed to sew the stripes without any problems, might be one to only wear on good days though!
The fabric is a ponte with high polyester content, but clearly something else as well. It was originally black and white which is a bit too stark for my colouring, so I overdyed it teal. It came out lighter than some of the other black and white striped fabrics dyed at the same time but I still love it.
The ponte is pretty much identical both sides and does not fray at all so it worked really well for this style. I've hemmed the sleeves but left all the other edges raw (but cut as neatly as possible).
I have some other StyleArc patterns printed out but not yet stuck together so may have something new to share in a few weeks. Not quite sure what I want to sew next.... but I'm having fun.

Notes to self. Alterations to this version dropped the waistline at the back round to the front. by about 1.5" at the back and .5" at the front. The waistline sits in a better place on me now. Also altered the direction of the neckband so its cut with max stretch going along the length, easier to ease and gives  great visual vertical line down the front.

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Alison said...

I love your new cardigan...what a fun use of striped fabric! I'm rather tickled that we have both chosen teal as the current colorway for our sewing. My suspicion is that the high polyester content in your ponte is why it took the dye in a lighter way than the other fabrics, but even a slight tone will help it coordinate with your other teal garments... Looking forward to seeing where you go with this