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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Curtains done

I hemmed the second study curtain today.
They don't look very level, for some reason which is not entirely clear to me.
Maybe they need a press and some nice tiebacks. Anyway they will be OK for now and I can get on with some garment sewing. I must admit that I only see garment sewing for me as FUN, and all the rest is work, so curtains, PJs for DH, alterations etc are not fun for me at all.

Anyway now I can move on to something in my new summer colour of lime - probably not the wild lime/turq/black/white print as I am still deciding what is the best course on that - I think it will be a mock wrap knit top from the lime/white print. I think that will be a smart work look for me.

Updated to add. Its been a successful evening. I cut out the Jalie crossover top in the white and lime print poly knit and have it completed except for the hems. I am very pleased with it and love TNTs.


Rhoto said...

"curtains, PJs for DH, alterations etc are not fun for me at all."
Me, too, Ruthie!! Also shortening anything (I'm 5'1" on a "good day", eh).
Still your friend??,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

SewRuthie said...

:D Of course Rhonda! I sewed a knit top for myself, so now I am happy again.

gwensews said...

Hooray! I dislike making curtains. So much fabric to deal with. Creative garment sewing--that's the best!