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Friday, 12 June 2009

Possible patterns for blouse

Butterick 6768 (on left) and Butterick B4735 (on right) are my current favourites. I want a simple wrap shape with minimal detailing as the fabric is so strong alone.

I sewed a version of 6768 for the SWAP in 2007 where I merged the longer version with the wider ties. I got in a tangle with the front pleating though. I reviewed it on PR at the time, but haven't worn the blouse much, I think becuase its too dark/muted a print, although the fit is good.


Rhoto said...
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Christine said...

I sewed a short sleeve version of view A of 6768 last month (haven't reviewed it yet on PR because I haven't had time to take a picture). It was great to sew, except the pleating details confused me a little, and I found the top to be surprisingly short. I'm slightly long waisted, but the top ends barely past my waist. Just to warn you. I'm sure I'll sew it again, though.

Anonymous said...

I would go for the 6768 - it looks more fitted at the waist. The pleating will make for a good shape (and this time around you are a much more experienced sewer).
Could you bleach/dye the first version in a way that will make it more versatile/appealing to you?! If the fit is good, it would be to bad if it was wasted.