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Friday, 19 June 2009

Stripe Skirt finished

The stripe skirt made from my TNT Loes Hinse pattern (modified) is finished and I am pleased with it. It does not work with the green and white wave print top though so I need to sew either another top or another bottom to complete the JCC.

This is my only Loes Hinse pattern and I have definitely got good use from it. I have shortened it by 4 inches and also drafted my own smaller/shorter gores which I use instead of the original. There is a 4 gore version too but I don't like that as much and have only made it once.

I have heard good things about other Loes Hinse patterns, though not used any myself. The shapes seem quite simple, so they seem to work for many body types, and are things which can be made up in different fabrics for different looks. It is a softer style of dressing which doesn't suit everyone, but the patterns are quick to sew, so I could see that having several could be a great way to get a custom wardrobe quickly and simply.


Jenni said...

Very smart skirt. Looks lovely. Its a pity about it not matching the apple print, but I am sure you will be able to find something in your stash that will work for an alternative top .... like the lime blouse we discussed perhaps?

gwensews said...

It's very chic. I'd like to know your take on Loes Hinse patterns.