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Sunday, 7 June 2009

Study Curtains

I started sewing the sheer fabric with green leaves today into the study curtains. As the fabric is so fine and semi-sheer I decided to have two widths of fabric per curtain, which does make them very full, but they would have been very mean otherwise.

The first (unhemmed) curtain is hung at the window, and is way too long. I planned on a big hem, but think I might have overdone it as they overhang the radiator by 16 inches!
And I only need about 6" for a nice deep hem. I cannot imagine what I might do with 4 x 10" widths of semi sheer curtain fabric (maybe lightweight shopping bags?) so that's a bit of a waste. The fabric is no good for covering the cat's cushion or my office chair as its sheer.

I shall do the other one tomorrow and then decide what length to hem them to. I am happy I used this fabric as it does give the fresh outdoorsy feel I wanted. The study overlooks the road and is a tiny room, but as I sometimes work from home that fresh green feel is going to be nice.

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gwensews said...

They are very pretty curtains. It's a nice "face lift" isn't it?