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Saturday, 6 June 2009

Sewing Magazines

I went to collect my new glasses from the Opticians, and there's a WHSmith (newsagents/stationery/books shop for non UK people) in the nearby shopping centre that stocks the UK sewing magazines.
So I went in and bought 2 magazines.
Sew Hip Issue 8 for the next instalment of the quilt instructions) .
And also the first issue of 'Sew' magazine which is new out. Its geared to people who don't really know how to sew, like Sew Hip, but it has a nice fresh slick style and comes with a free pattern in sizes 8-16 called 'Sew Couture'. This one has a baby doll dress/top with empire waist and optional puff sleeves/straps. I would not wear the dress unless it was way longer, but the top only with sleeves could be nice.

I might subscribe because at £5.99 an issue in the shop that's pretty expensive, but its a bit cheaper if you subscribe.

Updated to add that I did subscribe but I shall keep my beady eye on the magazine and see what it turns out like.

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