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Saturday, 6 June 2009

Fabric Shopping for JCC

I went fabric shopping for the JCC (and the rest of my summer wardrobe) and I did find mostly what I was looking for. I was disciplined and just stuck to the lime with black/white theme, though I did buy quite a lot of knits. They are easy to sew and I wear them a lot so I thought that was OK.

I bought
lime teeshirting with a black graffiti style print
remnant of lime teeshirting with apple floral print
white and apple printed poly knit
plain lime knit (soft)
Poly knit print in black/white/apple green - enough for a knit dress
so that will be four knit tops, 2 casual and 2 smarter plus a knit dress.

then in wovens
lime upholstery piece for a jacket with toning lining and a huge chunky button.
plain lime cotton for a shirt
lime/white print seersucker for a shirt.

Also got a very cheap piece in antique gold knit with holes (not shown) to try making a shrug style cardigan - the type which tie at the front to see if I like the look.
Some header tape to make my study curtains.
Lime thread (5 spools, 4 for the serger and one for the sewing machine)
Also some of the lucky dip trims bags - one of ribbon and the other of chunky lace. (Lime lace shown)

I didn't buy any bottoms fabrics as nothing really spoke to me and I have loads of black, black with white, black with pinstripe stuff in the stash which I shall use.

In fact I have enough that I could now do a black/lime/white Summer SWAP, that starts with the JCC but continues into July as well.

The lime tops which don't have black in will also work with other bottoms, e.g last years JCC olive bottoms, also navy, white etc.


Jenni said...

Ooh, ooh, ooh, gorgeous fabrics. They are all so pretty but the black with green and animal print is just stunning.
Love the chunky button to go on the jacket. That will look really good and its good that some if the pieces will go with the olive as well as black. You are going to be super smart for summer.
PS; Your assistant in the top photo is very cute.

SewRuthie said...

Yes I didn't really want her helping with the photos, but she would not get off the bed. If you look carefully you can see there is a claw in the one piece of fabric where she is holding it down. Not entirely sure what I want to sew up first, I suppose I ought to make the curtains :-)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful fabrics! Well chosen, very summery. Jenni is right, the button is great!