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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Me 'wearing' print fabric

Here I am with the print fabric draped around me to give an idea of the scale of the print on me. Yes I know its a crazy print but I do love it. I am 'wearing' it with a white cami and black jeans in this photo. I fancy making it with long sleeves to get more wear from it. Its fun :-)

This afternoon I picked up some fine white knit for a lining and some lime satin bias trim both of which I could use on this project depending on which pattern I choose and how I decide to finish the garment.

(Apologies for the door handle apparently growing out of my head, I had to kneel on the floor to be in frame for the camera on self timer. I feel tired and I must admit I look it too!)


gwensews said...

It is a good print. You could wear it white white or black pants or skirt.

Rhoto said...

It's a nice scale for you... Maybe when you're making the "real thing" you might want to eliminate the tin key from the side of your head, Mrs. Frankenstein's monster!! Tee! Hee!! Couldn't NOT tease ya...
Soft hug,
Your friend Rhonda ;)

SewRuthie said...

I know not good placement. My own fault for not bothering to get the tripod out.