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Saturday, 27 June 2009

June Capsule Contest - may not manage it

I've been doing other stuff in my life, work (a lot of work), spending time with DH, household stuff and church stuff. And I guess the sewing projects have just not been my top priority so I don't know whether I will get done for the end of the month.
As you know I sewed 4 items already but the print top and stripe skirt don't really work together too well.

I have a woven lime blouse in progress but I think that may be quite a few sewing sessions from being finished, so may not make the deadline for the JCC.

I had a lovely time today on the church quiet day - a contemplative day with no talking which is very restful if you are a busy, chatty person (like me). So I found that very restoring and a good way to reconnect with God.

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gwensews said...

And sometimes that's exactly what one needs to get back in touch with themselves, also. Now and then, we should all take a time out.