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Friday, 27 May 2016

Next up - Red Collection

I really liked the red items in the recent SWAP collection and decided I'd like to expand this more for the summer.
So from left to right
left: red linen - maxi skirt, probably Butterick 3972
2nd from left: red Ikea Gurli throw - cardigan jacket
3rd from left: red/taupe/ivory floral - top
centre : red ponte - skirt and cardigan jacket
3rd from right: red jersey - top
2nd from right: cream and red floral print - top
right: red stripe fabric - top

That would give me a long and a short skirt, two cardigan jackets and 4 tops.


JuliaRu said...

Ruthie, great choices. I particularly like the 2 floral fabrics. You won't get tired of sewing with red? It will be great when it's all done, though.

Lisa Laree said...

Yay! I thought the red in your SWAP looked fabulous on you!

Bonnie @ sewplus.blogspot.com said...

Love your idea of sewing a collection. It saves time changing threads in your machines. Can't wait to see your finished collection!