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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Red Collection

The plan for the Red Collection looks like this, and I think I'm going to start with the red linen skirt. (bottom left).
Here's the fabrics I am using.
My drawing above is only to give a rough idea but hopefully you can tell which fabric is being used for what.
So from left to right
left: red linen - maxi skirt, probably Butterick 3972
2nd from left: red Ikea Gurli throw - cardigan jacket
3rd from left: red/taupe/ivory floral - top
centre : red ponte - skirt and cardigan jacket
3rd from right: red jersey - top
2nd from right: cream and red floral print - top
right: red stripe fabric - top

I'll mix these new pieces in with the navy and taupe from the SWAP 2016, as I think red is better as an accent rather than top to toe!

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Jenni said...

The red items look to be a great plan and they are going to look so great with the SWAP items in taupe and navy. Particularly the navy. With a bit of white in there (maybe a white tee?) it would be fab for summer. Saw some great shoes that would look stunning with the whole set, with red wedge heels and navy straps. Email me if you want a photo of them.