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Sunday, 29 May 2016

SWAP 2016 Pants refit

Last year in the SWAP I made these trousers
I quite liked them in principle but not to actually wear.

They were from an 1990s pattern which had a lot of ease and a very long rise to the crotch. I didn't like how they felt to wear.
This year I saw lots of similar print pants in the stores and remembered these. I got them out, put them on and put a piece of elastic round my waist and pulled the trousers up until they felt OK. I then sat down, stood up, stretched a bit etc, then pinned the top of the elastic to mark the line.
I cut about an inch off the below the waist cased at the front and sides, tapering to about 1/4" at centre back. I removed and reattached the waist casing. I threw away the navy ties and short piece of elastic, having a longer/slimmer piece of elastic and some self fabric ties made from the section I cut off.
The pocket openings are smaller and there's some wrinkling on the back leg (I need to scoop for my low butt) but these are now wearable which I am very happy about.
Here's a hanger shot.
Definitely something I need to model as they look better with me in them.

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Jenni said...

Great save and a very current look. Looking forward to seeing you in them in due course.