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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Update on the VIKING Husqvarna 190 selectronic

The Husqvarna bobbins I ordered online from Hemline (120.16 8.8mm) for £5 for 6

are indeed the right ones for the VIKING Husqvarna 190 selectronic.
They arrived in the post today and I followed the great video on utube
threaded it up, loaded the bobbin and sewed a few sample stitches.
The lamp doesn't seem to work but I've got a desklamp there for the moment so can definitely use it.
I'm glad I ordered these bobbins online as they were not stocked at my local Haby shop when I looked on Monday.
So the machine seems to have been a good buy which is great.

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Jenni said...

thats great news and I am sure a bulb will be reasonably straightforward to get replaced. I wish you many happy years sewing with her.