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Thursday, 5 May 2016

SWAP 2016 Completed Wardrobe

Here are all the completed items shown together

Hanging on the fence

from left to right
PAC 1 is navy, this includes a long navy sweater knit cardigan, a navy drape neck top and denim slim leg trousers
PAC 2 is ivory, this includes a short taupe cardigan, an ivory tee and a long panelled taupe skirt.
The combo items bring in the navy and ivory with an asymetric panelled skirt and a shawl collar jacket in ivory and navy check.
At far right there is the wild card PAC, this introduces a pop of colour with a red knit top and dress plus a denim skirt.
I have lots of necklaces, a scarf containing all the colours and lots of shoes. Hopefully Saturday will give some time to take some modelled photos - weather permitting.
and indoors on a rail


Unknown said...

Wonderful SWAP, Ruthie! What a terrific accomplishment!

patsijean said...

That is easily a versatile wardrobe for a two-week trip, either business or casual.

Cherie said...

Your SWAP looks terrific! Looks easy to switch up into many outfits. As I am a RWB (or ivory) fanatic, I'd wear this in an instant! Great job!