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Friday, 13 May 2016

VIKING Husqvarna 190 selectronic - purchased

I am happy to say I did go and buy the 1980s Husqvarna.
It came with the original instruction book and a little bag with some extra feet in it.
I am very smiley. I get 28 days to try it out and if problems then can return for a refund.
I will try it tonight.

Link to Video of this model of machine (mine is identical)

I don't have any of the right sort of bobbins so am researching that. The ones I have for my Janome are far too fat for the Viking. The motor runs but can't test any stitching without the bobbins.

According to the download from the Hemline site I need some 120.16 bbobins which they sell on Amazon so should be easy. I wonder if I need special needles too?


lynne delnegro said...

sounds like a good buy

Sherry said...

I have sewn with Viking 350s for about 20 years. I liked the first one so much I got a second one on ebay as backup. You do need the correct bobbins, but regular needles should be ok. Have fun.

Kate said...

I bought my first Husqvarna, a Classica 105, in 1988 and last year I bought my second, an Opal. Try http://www.husqvarnaviking.com/Accessories for your bobbins - they are very helpful. You can use any good quality needle that is suitable for your fabric. I use Schmetz needles.

Anonymous said...

It looks like a nice machine. Nice that it has the option of needle up or needle down. When I took grade 9 family and consumer studies aka home economics 35 years ago we had basic Husqvarna machines that were nice to use. Hope you enjoy your new machine.

Jane M said...

A new to you machine is always a great sewing adventure. Sounds like a good deal and I wish you many apple miles of sewing on it.


Congrats! Such a good looking machine