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Friday, 6 April 2018

Fixing Previous Makes

I find it really hard to get myself to go back and fix previous makes, even though I know I'm more likely to wear the item if I invest just a little bit of time tweaking them.

I have mentally done with brown now I've noticed as I just cut out a simple plain ivory tee. However I need to do some rework on a few items before I change the brown thread and I have reworking stuff sort of boring.
However maybe if I post it here it will encourage me to do something?

So brown tie dye cardigan - shoulder is too wide and the sleeves are a strange 3/4 length hybrid. Task - remove sleeves, narrow shoulders slightly, cut new sleeves in a classic full length and insert them instead.
And the lace sweatshirt has a wobbly topstitched neckline that probably needs a skinny neckband adding to draw it up.
This one shows on the garment, but not when worn, maybe I need to wear it and wash it to see if it is still a problem later.

 I'll go and cut a sleeve for the cardigan and see how that goes.

I altered the cardigan, and will wear and wash the top to see how that goes.

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Pamela Shadle-Flores said...

Good for you! I need to do a bit of hand stitching on a cardigan to make the facings more secure, and I'm not happy with the sleeve hems. I should definitely follow your lead. Yes, I find going back to fix something ~very~ hard as well.