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Monday, 16 April 2018

More SWAP thoughts

Still thinking about how I could assemble the SWAP.
I looked at each colour and the prints, and tried to imagine a capsule where things played well together.

Here are the individual plain colours and the prints and what I am currently thinking.
Burgundy items
Teal items
Brown items
Prints which could be in SWAP.
Other prints which I am not going to use as they also contain a non-SWAP colour.

Here's a set which could work, all the tops (except the plain brown) can work with all the bottoms, and the cardigans each work over multiple tops. I have decided that 'sheer' could be my trend (there's a list in the rules) and the brown burnout items have a bluish section which works with the teals quite well. It may need a little more teaking....
Ann suggested I should include this one. It contains teal, brown, black and gold. Is that allowed in a print?
It does go with all the bottoms but only with plain cardigans.
Maybe the most variety is obtained by print tops, plain bottoms and cardigans.

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Anne said...

You have a lot of choice! Great garments here. I really like the bottom right top on the ones you're not going to use for SWAP - it really looks like it has the teal and the brown but you're doing you can't use it because it also has another colour in it?