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Monday, 30 April 2018

SWAP 2018

These are my final choices for the SWAP this year.

Later in the week I'll try to take more photos as per the Photo Guidelines
  • Provide 6-12 photos.
  • Include one photo that includes the full group of garments (plus optional accessory if it applies)
  • Include one photo of you wearing an outfit (perfectly fine to blur face or omit head shot)
  • Additional 4-10 photos of various outfit combinations (these can be on you, dress form, rack, hangar, laying on furniture, whatever you prefer)
  • Every garment must be shown in at least two outfits (as per the rules)
  • Composite photos are allowed (but not required); however they are limited to a main photo and two smaller inserts
  • Photos should be sized to fit the page without scrolling.
  • Photos should be posted by Monday 7 May


Anne said...

All good. Looking forward to seeing the photos

Lovenicky said...

Those are are all great pieces. Looking forward to seeing more pictures!

JuliaRu said...

really terrific!