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Sunday, 29 April 2018

Making a scarf - part 1

I decided to make a scarf. This should be a quick and simple endeavour but no! Here's how making a simple scarf can take many hours.

I had in mind a particular fabric. I looked in my fabric cupboard and it was not there, I waited a day and looked again still not there. Another day I moved some stuff around in another room and found some more 'sewing' boxes. I looked in these and one contained the fabric. Yay!
I dumped the 'sewing' boxes in the sewing room 'to be sorted later' and wandered away.

I then went online and looked at various instructions for making a scarf. I really liked this one.
I also looked on various online clothing shops and looked at how big their scarves were. Things were a mixture of metric and imperial and varied a lot in size, I was confused.
I then rerolled all my existing scarves (noting their wild size differences) and put them in different boxes in a different place. Thinking whilst I did it "Wow I have a lot of scarves, do I really need another one?"

Some time later I laid the fabric out on the table. There was plenty, but I wanted to make sure I could still cut of the Butterick wrap blouse (or something similar) from what was left. So I went and found the pattern, laid it out and measured how wide a strip I could use for a scarf and still cut the blouse. I cut this strip off the side and levelled the edges (as it looked like the assistant had cut it with hedge shears).

I decided I wanted to do a rolled hem on the scarf as used in the indiesew scarf. My old overlocker is all threaded up for my ivory projects and the scarf fabric is teal, so this seemed like the ideal opportunity to get the Bernina 800DL out and use that instead.

I went online and searched for how to convert the overlocker to a rolled hem. I found (again) this fabulous You Tube video (which I have watched before).

I watched the talented lady do her demonstration and thought "that looks easy".
I watched the video a couple of times and reckoned I had it down. (ha ha ha ha ha ha)

I went into the sewing room and found the overlocker in its box under a table. I moved things around and managed to extract the box. I cleared space to set it up, found a screwdriver to reassemble the thread guide. Found it was already threaded in ivory thread and looked OK so plugged it in to go. Did a scrap test. Found that it does not make stitches. Paused a minute.

Came back with the scarf fabric and looked through the 5 thread drawers for matching teal thread. Found 2 spools which matched OK, but that all the others were too light. Wondered whether to buy some more dark teal thread or learn how to do a 2 thread rolled hem as per the other video.

Ran another scrap through the overlocker, still does not make stitches. Opened all the little doors and noted that it does seem to all be set up OK from inspection but is not actually making stitches. 

Paused for a cup of tea.....

(to be continued)

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Carolyn said...

So glad I'm not alone on procrastisewing, I lose hours in my bermuda triangle sewing room