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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

I've got my sorting things head on

For some reason this week I have had a bug to 'sort things'. It started in each case wanting to find something, discovering it was a mess and then having a sorting bug. I've not hit the sewing room in this vein yet, but it could be good if I do. Having said that the sewing room has been through a few of these phases anyway and so is not too bad.

MONDAY: First up was spices. In the previous house I had more drawers in the kitchen. One drawer held jars of spices lying down so you could read the labels. The new house has fewer drawers and I am using them for cutlery, and the spices were chucked in the box they had moved in at the back of the pantry. I'd taken my usual approach of can't find X? Buy a new one! I decided that open topped plastic boxes on shelves were my future. Found some and put them on the pantry shelves with the jars in them - but no good, could not read what they were - so labelled them on the top of the jar lid to show what each one was. Also through out some with no smell, open packets (not jars) or very old dates. For some reason (see above) I have 3 jars of ground cumin, all open and partly used???? The tactic of if you can't find it buy a new one is obviously faulty!
Anyway the sorting must have worked becuase I've made a batch of chilli and some home-made soup since, as I have my cooking vibe back.

Monday evening I also decorated the real Christmas tree in blue and gold, and it does look lovely, though it took ages. I appear to have purchased several sets of self tangling lights. One set was so tangled I was half wondering how much some new ones would be! I did untangle them in the end though and the final result makes me very happy.

TUESDAY Still in the kitchen I moved all the tea towels through into the cupboard in the utility room. And wow I have a lot of tea towels - mostly green, so I guess that's going to be the kitchen accent colour for a while. This gave me space for the dishwasher stuff and bin liners as well as all those plastic freezer tubs in that cupboard. Now all stacked so I can easily get a dishwasher tablet out without 20 plastic tubs falling on the floor.

TUESDAY part 2. Still in this mode I head upstairs wanting to find a lovely pair of gold earrings DH gave me for Christmas a few years ago. Went through all the pockets of my handbags looking for them. Found instead 8 pens, 2 pencils, 3 hair clips and a 'lost' coat button.
Spurred on by this the madness took complete hold and I reorganised my hairclips/hair brushes, makeup and jewellery. Which has sure tidied things up but asks the question - 'Why do I have 5 tubes of Rimmel Rich Raisin Lipstick?'
Sadly have still not found the earrings, well at least not the pair I was looking for, but a few others I had forgotten turned up.

I'd also decorated the small Christmas tree in the dining room/study all in shades of red. That has a shorter and better behaved string of lights so did not take as long, but looks good in that room.

I am as bad with Christmas decorations as everything else and still have an entire set of silver decorations left over. 'No problem' says DH, ever the enabler 'Why don't you have a tree in the kitchen as well?' He might be on to something......


Jenni said...

Oh Ruth, My coffee is now all over the keyboard. I have a house run on similar lines. Which probably explains why I have three bags of Self Raising Flour, and no Plain.
I hope DH doesn't sit still for too long... it sounds like he will get tidied away if he does.

Heather said...

Great post! You've got me thinking about putting up a second tree with my silver and blue decorations since I've used red and gold on my living room tree. Also you've got me thinking about getting some rich raisin lipstick which sounds so nice.

RuthieK said...

I am wearing the 'Rich Raisin' lipstick and can now see why I kept buying it. Its a soft red on me that works as an everyday look without being too out there.

Ann said...

Do the silver tree in the kitchen in silver and add some green balls to the tree to tie it in. Sounds nice. As for me, I need to find the bin that has the gingerbread stuff in it. It is missing in a very small room that is full of packed goods.