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Saturday, 5 December 2009

Machine in for serving

I took my sewing machine (A Janome MemoryCraft 4000) into the lovely people at Jaycotts in Chester. They have a shop, internet mail order business and repair workshop on the outskirts of Chester with free parking.

On the plus side the man said its a common fault on these Janome machines after a few years and its easy to fix when servicing (a tension wheel squeaking) but the minus is they are quite busy and it might be as long as 2 weeks before I can go get it back. SOB!
Anyway at least that means it'll be fixed before the SWAP starts, but does mean my Christmas wardrobe will need to be sewn on the basic Toyota which does not have all the lovely extra feet I have bought for the Janome and does rubbish buttonholes.

Anyway enough of the wingeing I shall go and thread the poor Toyota up and get sewing the red tops with it :D

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Jenni said...

Oh no!!!!!! Its horrible being without your main machine for so long, but at least the problem is easily fixed. As for the Toyota, don't be saying nasty things about it... they don't like that sort of thing and it won't work nicely for you if you aren't polite to it. :)