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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Christmas Collection and machine repaired.

I had a night out with some colleagues in Liverpool last night and proudly wore the black trousers and red slinky top, with the red heels and an RTW black velvet jacket (sorry no pics). A lovely evening and felt very comfortable and festive in the clothes though I did switch to my flats at the end of the night to drive home!

In exciting news the lovely people at Jaycotts have finished servicing my Janome sewing machine so I am off to collect it. I have missed it so much and the Christmas Collection items sewn so far were done on my 1980s Toyota basic machine from my teen years, which although adeqaute was frankly quite annoying to use.

It did show me a few things though

1. It is possible to sew on a basic machine and produce quite nice results.
2. It must make life more difficult for beginners when starting to sew but using a difficult machine.
3. Those extras like needle up/down, auto bobbin winding, thread cutters and speciality feet really do make all the difference.



gwensews said...

I have a treadle. I made a garment on it, just to see how difficult it would be. I have a new admiration for sewers of the past!

Jenni said...

Oh yes Ruth, my first two machines were my mum's old ones. She had upgraded because she had problems with the old ones. I did struggle, especially with the Frister and Rossman which she had discarded due to intermittent tension problems. They were a lot less intermittent when I used it because I was so inexperienced in resolving the problems. I am so glad you got your lovely Janome back. When you and the machine have a good partnership, its like half of you is missing when the machine goes in for service.

Michelle said...

Glad your machine is back!