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Monday, 28 December 2009

SWAP 2010 progress

My animal print top does not play with the newly completed stripe trousers so it is out of the SWAP. I'm sure Jenni did warn me it did not really go and I seem to have ignored her, but in fact I am happy to have it in my wider wardrobe and will wear it with other things.

I am now threaded up with ivory and finishing a UFO left from the 'Inspired by the Sea' collection (it got stuff put on top of it and was missed!) before moving on to an ivory cowl neck top from the HotPatterns top pattern. Then I think its over to orange and the Simplicity cosy with matching top.

I have a Janome MyLock 134D which I got about 15 years ago and have used almost continuously since. It works fine but recently the fact that its a pain to rethread when it comes unthreaded and the fact that it is VERY noisy (DH compared it to a pneumatic drill when he was watching TV in the rooom below) has caused me to start looking elsewhere.
I am very tempted by a Bernina 800DL from Jaycotts, but will need to save up for a few more months before I can buy it, so perhaps it can be my SWAP prize to myself as I should have enough money by April.

Bernina 800DL at Jaycotts


Sharon said...

Won't your top go with the Brown skirt you are planning for your SWAP?

My understanding is that not ALL garments have to go with each other, as long as they look like a collection.

RuthieK said...

It would work with the plain brown skirt, but I'm not convinced. I am going to make slightly more items than required and kick out the ones which don't so what I need.