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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Where to start?

I can't decide quite where to start with the Christmas mini wardrobe. I like to sew in batches of the same colours (as you may have noticed) so I have a choice of the black, the red or the gold. I also have some mending and so on I could do if I go with the black which although boring would put some clothes back into circulation.

Also in the mix is that if I don't get everything done the largest Christmassy impact will be from the coloured tops which I could wear with existing plain black bottoms (RTW) and the fact that I have not chosen all the patterns yet either which is making me pause a bit.

OK here's the rundown then.
Gold blouse
Only one gold piece, is very Christmassy, so makes sense to make this piece first except I don't know what pattern I want to use. I suppose I could reuse one I have used successfully before Butterick 6768.

Red slinky
Not a lot of this so it would be a simple scoop neck top (maybe with added embellishment) in Butterick 3344.

Red print
The red print fabric has a slightly Oriental feel to it and I was thinking of using a new to me pattern 
Simplicity 4020 has the right vibe.

Red fur jacket
No pattern for this yet. I imagine a bolero style with curved fronts and 3/4 sleeves as I have only a bit of fabric.

Black stripe trousers
These would be in the same pattern I used for the Navy herringbone - New Look 6757

Black embroidered cord
Same pattern as navy skirt though i think with skirt front cut in one piece. Simplicity 9825

Black with satin finish
No clear idea what this should be

Black/gold knit
And also found (not pictured)
Black knit with little gold sparkles in it, would make a great cosy wrap
(too sheer to wear alone) in Simplicity 2603

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Sharon said...

I like the sound of all of your pattern choices.

I'd work on the tops, as you have existing bottoms to wear them with but hear you about sewing with same colours as this makes sewing much faster.

I am really looking forward to seeing this mimi wardrobe come to life.