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Sunday, 27 December 2009

SWAP 2010 #1

SWAP 2010 - first possible item (not all items sewn will necessarily be included in the final SWAP submission, it depends how the items in the collection play together).

Knit top in animal print poly mesh. The body is double layer, the sleeves single layer, left with raw edges. This has components from 3 different patterns, like the black and gold knit top made before Christmas.

Edited to add this is not going in the SWAP as it fights with the stripe trousers (see post further up) and the trousers definitely are going in, so this top is not. However it will work with other things in my wardrobe so I am OK with that.


kiltsnquilts said...

Wow, true to your word, you haven't wasted any time at all have you? I am still in the thinking stage at the moment! I am worried I will think too long and not get any sewing done at all Lol! Go Ruthie!

gwensews said...

I love an animal print. Good luck with your SWAP!

Jenni said...

Grrrr!!!!!! That looks lovely. I am jealous. I really must make up my animal print knit instead of just petting it in the stash.