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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Leaf Print Jersey

I bought this 180cm wide leaf print jersey from Tony the Monday Market Man.
Leaves are my absolutely favourite motif.
So although I have quite a lot of fabric already I did buy both colourways of this, 2 metres of each as I think the scraps could be mixed together with each other or with plains in the various colours. All wonderfully in my colour palette.
This one has a taupe background (rather washed out in the centre by the flash, the real colour is on the right hand edge). The other colours are turquoise, cadet blue, dark brown and flashes of yellow.
The other version has a dark green background with leaves in white, turquoise, cadet blue and teal.

They are both good on me but the dark green background is partiularly nice and works well with the unfinished olive green jacket.

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