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Saturday, 6 May 2017

New Collection: Navy and cadet blue, very sea themed

Whilst I enjoyed sewing for the charity craft stall it has been a fantastic release to allow myself to sew clothing for me again.

I've joined the Summer 6PAC  (6 piece seasonal sew along) on Stitcher Guild reloaded.

I batted several ideas about but still had navy on the machines from the last lot of bags, so carried on with more navy pieces.
1 Navy ponte dress
2 Navy ponte skirt
3 Navy ponte trousers/pants
4 Navy blue and off white striped tee
5 Cadet blue cardigan jacket

These five pieces came about really easily, as is sometimes the case, but the sixth is a little more elusive though I think it will either be a tuquoise blue or navy tee of some sort

6 Turquoise blue or navy tee

However I also found some other pieces which co-ordinate with the cardigan though not really with the dark navy of the ponte, so there may will be a spin off set. Hopefully I can do the full six before getting distracted with something else.

My collection is not very summery really, however there is time after it , but still within Elizabeth's 3 month time frame to do some more summery things, based around the olive green tropical wool jacket which is STILL not finished.

Pictures of finished garments to follow soon!


CAN I said...

Love all those colors...reminds me of deep blue ocean waters, which does make me think of summer days. Perhaps think about a print with some sand or shell tones.

Anne said...

These are my colours! I love your plan.

JuliaRu said...

Wow. I love those blues!

tg33 said...

I absolutely love these colours, and I think they can be very summery, but are you sure they are the right ones for you? I thought (because I'm too lazy to search back) that you were moving to warmer, softer, low contrast colours? Nonetheless, the colours you have chosen here are lovely and summery.