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Friday, 19 May 2017

Plans but no progress

Work has been busy this week and I've been watching TV in the evenings after getting home late most nights.
To make the cadigan jacket from a throw I switched the thread on the overlocker and sewing machine over to cadet blue and then found, overlocked raw edges and washed some remnants of cadet blue fabric (a non stretch twill mystery mix of some sort). It washed up beautifully so I measured the odd shaped pieces and hatched a plan.

There are 4 pieces of fabric,
90cm + 60cm - jacket, I thought New Look 6481

1.6m - trousers, I thought Burda 05/2017 #103

1m - skirt, I thought my old favourite Butterick 3972. I would cut this at the end as it has smallish odd shaped pieces which can fit round other things.
I'd need to do some alterations to the jacket, I'd need to trace and slightly alter the trousers, I could just cut and sew the skirt.

However I have not yet done the planned alterations to the navy pieces which I already sewed. So I think I will be disciplined and switch the thread back to navy and get those done.

Summer Sea
Cardigan jacket - Doesn't need any alterations.
Skirt - is a bit too large
Dress - is a bit tight around the tummy.

Top - Needs remaking inside out for a softer stripe
Trousers - need the crotch scooping for a better rear fit.

I shall go and change the thread back to navy now!

PS something seems to be wrong with Stitchers Guild, though I'm not sure what. I know they were adding a gallery for the SWAP photos, so maybe that has caused an issue.


JuliaRu said...

wouldn't it be great if we could just sew and not ever have to alter? I would sew all the time if that were the case. as it is I have to sometimes pump myself up to handle what I expect will be some annoying fitting issues. Of course I could just do quilting but that isn't as satisfying to me. I love the blue jacket. great stuff so far!

SewRuthie said...

I *DID* go and change the thread over to navy, so I am good to get on with the alteraions!

Anonymous said...

I'm in absolute awe of the amount of sewing patterns you do and how nicely everything fits. You're my inspiration.