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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Summer Sea (navy and cadet blue): Navy skirt

This is the most boring item in the collection, and like all the others needs some alterations (sigh).
Ages ago I had a RTW knit dress. It had a waist seam and a lovely skirt which flared slightly and draped beautifully. I traced the skirt off at the time so I could add it to my favourite tops to make a dress.The dress has long gone but I kept the tracing.
I've not used the skirt panel for a while so when I came to this ponte skirt I added a bit to the sides and the hem and then added a hidden elastic waist.
The end result is too big. Obviously I made the elastic the right length so it stays up but it is just too big so will need some sort of alteration. It may get morphed onto the dress where the waist is a bit tight (sigh) and a new waistband cut for the skirt off the dress and made into a skirt?
Anyway we'll see how that works out next week sometime. Other wise I can just unpick the elastic and take the skirt in a bit, no biggie.
Once that's done it should be handy for the two navy wardrobe orphan jackets and a colourful blouse to make a nice outfit.
I've been looking at navy sandals, wedges and nude wedges as good shoes really help the outfit. Problem is can I walk in them?

I'll keep you posted
I went to George at Asda living after work and tried the shoes on. They were not suitable so I won't be buying them. The size 6 (euro 39) were too large and the size 5 (euro 38) were too small. The section across the toes seemed very low cut also.
I tried a lot of other shoes on also and then I bought these.
Off to see what else I have in Leopard darlings!

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