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Monday, 22 May 2017

Summer Sea - Alterations proceeding well

No photos at the moment however the alterations are proceding well.

Dress fix - cut the bodice off just above the section where it was too tight, added the skirt section from the too large skirt (having removed the elastic). Topstitched the seam open for a nice detail.
Looser fit works well on, may wish to take in centre back seam for sway back, however nice with jacket over or partially elastic belt.

Skirt fix - repurposed the skirt from the dress as a skirt, reusing the elastic from the original skirt. Nice almost maxi skirt with slimming fit over the hips. (Excuse bad picture)

Trousers fix - scooped the crotch. Seems better at the back though almost want to scoop even more.

RTW navy trousers fix - also scooped the crotch. Improved the fit of these as well. Scooping the crotch is going to be my alteration of choice for RTW and self sewn trousers.

Barcode striped tee, cut apart and started reassembling inside out - this one will take a while! So far I have cut all the seams and hems off, pressed everything, topstitched down the panel seams on the front (which I'm keeping inside out as a feature) and pressed the neckband back flat and resewed the neckband seam. So still have the assembly of a whole garment left to do!


sdBev said...

Wow! Sounds like you have been very productive. Looking forward to seeing pics, if you get time of course.

Karen said...

What problem does scooping the crotch solve?

SewRuthie said...

Hi Karen, we've discussed this at length on the stitchers guild thread, but basically scooping the crotch helps if your derriere is lower than the crotch, which mine clearly is. You can often tell it is needed by a lot of wrinkles pointing into the back crotch showing there's not enough fabric there.

JuliaRu said...

Ruthie, I like the navy outfit--looks great!