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Sunday, 14 May 2017

May Fabric Purchases

I went along to Economy Fabrics recently and bought some 2 inch elastic plus some fabrics, which I'll share here.

Here we have some marine navy man-made blue knit, which is strangely narrow (but not in a tube)
also some turquoise cotton knit (which is greener than the Summer Sea blue despite the photo)
and a lovely viscose knit with brown, olive and lime green on a white background. Hopefully this will co-ordinate with the olive green safari jacket should I ever finish it!

This picture includes a rather wrinkled and very bright coral pink jersey knit, a white and soft pink marled knit (quite sheer) and a remnant of the most gorgeous georgette, which will probably be a scarf.

And finally two 1m pieces of cotton stamps print fabric for non clothing sewing, though an earlier customer apparently used the second one for a blouse with a red collar! I plan to use the Christmas one to trim Christmas stockings and the other also as trim maybe on shopping bags.

I might decide to enliven the summer sea with some nice coral.

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