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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Summer Sea (navy and cadet blue): Navy dress (wardrobe orphan solution)

The third item in the Summer Sea collection is a navy dress from the same ponte as the trousers.
This looks great on Doris Dressform, but not quite so good on me as the waistline doesn't flare out quite quickly enough and is therefore a bit tight over the stomach area which isn't hugely flattering. I could add a waist seam and bring the skirt up a little as it is plenty long.
I used the dress view C from Vogue 8679 as a starting point, but made some changes.
  1. lengthened and flared the skirt
  2. added a central back seam
  3. lengthened the sleeves
  4. changed the neck gathers to pleats

I planned this to help be with a problem I had with a wardrobe orphan, a lovely office jacket bought on sale, navy with pink pinstripes.
It looks very smart with navy shoes and a lovely warm pink and greyed blue silk scarf I have had for about 20 years.

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Linda T said...

Not enough seam allowance to let it out a bit? Sometimes just a bit makes a big difference. Pretty dress.