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Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Fabric and pattern for PR Bee Round 2

These are the three fabrics I have chosen for the PR Bee Round 2.

I'm using a mixture of the two views (which is really confusing from an instructions angle).
I've cut everything out and done the first few steps. I stopped though when it came to doing the welt pockets quite late in the evening as I was aware I was not very sharp and was unlikely to get a good result.

As far as I know I've not done welt pockets before (despite sewing for many years), and a contest is perhaps not the ideal time for a new pattern and new techniques.

The black and red doesn't work with my SWAP colours/inspiration at all. Being me I had planned (on paper) a whole 6PAC around the jacket, and was going to return to the fabric shop for more yardage to execute it, but I think instead I might mix the project scraps with plain red and plain black already in the stash. Or it may be that once I've finished the jacket I can't bear that colourway anymore and switch to the navy part of my SWAP.

Black and red is a bit strong for my colouring, so will need red lipstick when worn.


Anne said...

This is fabric from your stash that you no longer like? So, in effect it's a full toile for your future correct colour jacket?
I needed a few practices to get a welt/jetted pocket on a sweatshirt right. Take your time; measure and Mark well, check before you cut and be brave when you do cut. Practice before you do on fabric. I can't enter PR new to me technique as have done that before - you could if you hold off! I assume you're planning to have zipped welt pockets? This will be nice. Sad that the colours aren't yours. They will look good in contest though.
Good luck.

Katrina Blanchalle said...

That jacket is going to be a work of art! In all the years I've been sewing - 40? 45? - I still have not attempted a welt pocket.

Even if the red is not in your current color palette, I think this would go nicely with some of your charcoal separates, and if you still have any of the red pieces from your long ago SWAPs and 6PACs you'd have a complete capsule. That still doesn't answer the problem of whether it is your best color, but at least this jacket won't be a complete orphan.

Cennetta said...

Hi Ruthie, Your jacket is gorgeous. You should be proud. Great style and fabric combination.

expat in Side said...

It's lovely, you have to make it a focus for more separates! Angela