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Friday, 18 January 2019

PR Sewing Bee Round 1: Sew a Knit Cardigan inspired by the Pantone color of the year - Living Coral

 The inspiration and the implementation.
 Worn open
 Worn Belted
 Back view
 On the dressmaker's dummy
 3/4 shot
Kinder Cardigan pattern used for this project.

I'll find out on 23rd Jan if I am through to the next round.


Ann Brodsky said...

That's really lovely! And such a creative take on the challenge. Good luck with the contest!

Catherine said...

It's such a beautiful cardigan and such an innovative approach to the Bee. PR has been inundated with pink cardis. I really hope yours catches the judges eye and you get to move on!

L said...

Lovely cardigan, Ruthie. Upon looking at the PR submissions, my eyes were definitely drawn to the not-pink cardigans. Good luck getting to round 2!

Melwyk said...

Nice! I like your concept and your detailing. So pretty and clever. Good luck in the Bee :)