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Wednesday, 16 January 2019

SWAP Teal (Neutral 1) progress so far

Here's the progress so far with my teal pieces. I've chosen teal as one of my neutrals for SWAP, and as you can see its quite a dark and muted teal.

1. teal wool coat (finished just before Christmas)

2. teal tweed cardigan jacket finished on 5th Jan.

3. teal scoop neck top finished on 10th Jan.

4. teal print cardigan finished on 15th Jan.

Next up the teal trousers which are almost finished and then tomorrow some photos of me wearing all the pieces. The weather is cold and raining with snow forecast so I think the photos will have to be indoors.


Katrina Blanchalle said...

These are just fantastically beautiful and so perfectly matched! I have to say that in the time you've made four complete items, I have only managed to cut out two. I hope to change the thread on the serger today, so maybe there will be actual sewing later this week.

expat in Side said...

I am so impressed, looking forward to seeing them, Angela

KS_Sews (Dressmakingbacles) said...

I am LOVING this color scheme!!