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Saturday, 26 January 2019

Sewing project decisions

I have 3 projects I want to do, but they all use different coloured thread, so I will need to do them in a sensible order to achieve my targets.

Started first but going last is a dark teal skirt made from the scraps of the dark teal trousers.
It is loosely based on Simplicty 8175
Due to fabric shortage I've done the pockets and waistband differently but it will have a similar look once complete. This is cut out (including a lining) and I've made the pockets on the skirt front.

The second project I've started is using denim scraps/old jeans to make a pouf as per the Closet Case Patterns - https://closetcasepatterns.com/fabric-floor-pouf-free-sewing-pattern/
On this one I have cut out all the pieces for the top, bottom and side panels and overlocked the straight edges on all the pieces. I've also learned how to make bias strips and use them to make piping and constructed enough piping using a denim scrap and some cotton washing line to go round the pouf. As far as I know this is my first time making piping despite all the time I've been sewing! I've also made an inner bag from an old blue sheet and sorted all the scraps ready for them to go in as filling.
This project will be second to be sewn up.

My third project is for the PR Sewing Bee round 2, and for this one I bought new fabrics and a new pattern, which is not normally a great thing to do but I had a vision in my head and needed a new pattern to bring it to reality. This is in black and red fabric and will include some new to me techniques so hoping that does go OK!
I'm going to work on that one first in order to achieve the bee deadline.

Learning new things is hard but it helps keep the brain young, so that's what I'm trying to do.


KS_Sews (Dressmakingbacles) said...

Sounds exciting!!! I bet that pouf will be super cute. Good luck in this round of the Bee!!

Catherine said...

Each of your projects are so cute! Look forward to seeing the finished projects. Continued good luck with the Bee

Faye Lewis said...

Great projects, love the skirt!

Anne said...

Good luck with Round 2! Have you noticed that February's contest is 'new to me' techniques? Maybe don't use them all up!