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Sunday, 6 January 2019

Sew Your Kibbe Natural - New Look 6735 Top

DrT has a few examples of a scooped neck top being suitable and makes the comment.
While I’m focusing on Kibbe’s unconstructed feature, very basic smooth knits with open necklines are all good options.

BS-11-2006-111: Open neckline with a smooth fit. 

BS-11-2012-129: Another example of a very simple style with an open neckline.

BS-02-2008-128: Simple, smooth, with an open neckline.

On that basis I think my favourite top from New Look 6735 is a great example of this style, so for my next garment I plan to make this up in a plain dark teal jersey knit, it won't be exciting but will be a nice basic piece to go underneath cardigans and jackets

1 comment:

Catherine said...

I think the New Look top will fill all the bills and teal is such a pretty color on you.