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Thursday, 17 January 2019

Sew Your Kibbe Natural - Burda Teal Trousers Complete

Although Dr T gives lots of Burda trousers (pants) patterns for the Kibbe natural, I decided that I would sew Burda Style 02/2010 #135 in a dark teal woven fabric for my collection.
I finished them today and here are some photos, including me wearing them as well as the usual hanger shot.

You can't see from these that the pockets form a stay across the centre front. This slightly holds the tummy and stops the pockets gaping, it is quite a lot of steps to sew, but does make the trousers hang better over the tummy.

Notes for my future self. These are size 46, sewn with a slightly narrow seam allowance and an extra 1/2" added to the pocket stay and front crotch to accommodate the tummy. There is also 1/2" in the inside front leg tapering to nothing by the knee.

I replaced the curved waistband with a straight one with a double overlap and 2 buttons. This feels nice and secure compared to just having the invisible zip coming into the waist area. I have found that the zip can fail in wear, at the intersection of the waistband and upper body.

I do wonder if they are hemmed slightly too long as there is bunching over the foot where they are laying over the ankle boot, however then when you sit the ankle doesn't get exposed too much. I already removed their original hem allowance and turned up a 6cm hem.

I used a dark blue invisible zipper as the teal ones were too bright and this blended better.

The fit is OK though not perfect. I'm not going to agonise over it too much. If I tried these on in a shop I would be overjoyed and buy them immediately.

I've now got 5 teal pieces complete which is frankly probably enough, but I have a skirt cut out, a dress planned, also another top and the top which needs light coloured thread, so if I do all of those it would be another 4 teal garments.


LyndaSewing.blogspot.com said...

They look great, Ruthie! BTW, if you can find a "trouser zipper" they have a special "lock" at the top and shouldn't come undone under pressure.
I love Burda patterns for trousers and this is a good example of why.
Good job!

Vancouver Barbara said...

The colour of your pants and top is wonderful- a nice change from navy. Thanks for the link to all the Kibbe information.