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Friday 18 January 2019

Sew your Kibbe Natural - wearing the Teal Wool Coat

Here I am wearing the teal wool coat I finished before Christmas.

The main body of the coat is in a dark teal wool, with pockets, belt and facing/collar in a slightly lighter teal wool. I've also drafted and added a lining in a dark teal satin which feels very luxurious. It has medium sized shoulder pads.

Here wearing the coat with a hat and scarf knitted for me in previous years by YorkshireLass.
 The back doesn't have much shaping and is brought in by the belt.
The front has no closures but wraps over and ties with the belt. Here worn with a scarf I made in April 2017 and a fun sewing themed brooch I got this year as a gift from a dear friend (thanks E).

The pattern was from the UK women's magazine Prima, which includes a free sewing pattern for subscribers. This was the one from Feb 2015. The patterns are often available on ebay.


Janine said...

Fabulous coat and it will match with so much of your wardrobe. It is terrific that a mainstream magazine will still offer sewing patterns -Australian magazines used to do this but I havent seen it for years. And it is a great pattern , it looks like the $1000 + coats that the Duchess of Sussex wears.

Katrina Blanchalle said...

Wow, that is very much your color! It's a truly elegant ensemble, love it!

Catherine said...

Absolutely love your coat! The color is fantastic on you and the collar frames your face so nicely.

LyndaSewing.blogspot.com said...

Love the color, love the look, and you not only look nice and warm, but fashionable and chic! Fantastic!

Bunny said...

Really lovely and the color is so flattering. You did a great job with the fit as well.