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Monday, 24 May 2010

Fabric Cupboard

Here's my tidied fabric cupboard.
Top section bulky things like fleece and wool for jackets and a few other things which would not fir anywhere else. Half of this is hidden above the door frame which continues up to the ceiling
Next section blouse weight fabrics. You can hardly see the shelf here as its narrow.
Now down to the wooden shelving unit. Sitting on the top are the pieces not chosen for teal, lime or brown/orange collections.
The next shelf down is trouser weight fabrics in black, brown, navy and charcoal. Boring but very useful.
Below that is my knits shelf .
And the bottom section has linings and satins plus some more bottom weight fabrics.
There is a lot of inspiration in here.


Jenni said...

What an impressive sight. Isn't it lovely being able to pet the fabric and dream of what it will become whilst you tidy the shelves?

BetsyV said...

Is that it? Everything fits in one cupboard? Wow, very impressive.

Really, Ruthie. Tell the truth. You have "off-season" fabrics someplace else. Right? Please? So I don't feel quite so badly about my own disorganized, umm, inventory of potential clothes?

Joy said...

It's fun to look in other people's fabric closets. Someday maybe I'll be brave enough to post a picture of mine - after I tidy it, of course! I had an avalanche in there yesterday.

Sharon said...

Oh wow, what an impressive stash.

I've just started to pull all my fabric out to roll it and hopefully fit more in LOL.

Gail said...

Perhaps my stash is pretty modest after all.

Ann said...

What a nice stash you have. Mine is virtually nothing compared to what you have - it fits into a small trunk besides the 7 meters of denim I have in my apartment.
Enjoy your stash, pet it often, replace what you use and have fun sewing.