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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Very cute sewing machine

As recommended by Melissa at Fehr Trade I really have fallen for these mini sewing machines at John Lewis. Basic and I hear quite noisy, I am hoping to treat myself to one with some vouchers. The red is out of stock though still viewable on the website but I rather like the pistachio version. How cool it would be to have a portable sewing machine, no more reading in the hotel room when away with work I can annoy my neighbours by sewing instead!
Link to machine on John Lewis website


Jenni said...

Really cool machine. I look forward to hearing how you get on with it. A sewing machine purring away in a hotel room can't be any worse than random snoring people or shouty people in corridors, can it?

Melissa Fehr Trade said...

oh you won't regret it! Case in point - two nights ago the girl who rents our back cabin knocked at the door apologising profusely because she was midway sewing some costumes (she's a theatre person) and the wiring on her vintage machine popped and tripped our breaker (so I had to climb down The Hatch and reset it). anyway, she said, could I borrow a sewing machine?

Really, I'm probably the only landlord on earth to just have a spare mini sewing machine lying around she could just take back with her in a pinch. and when you get yours, make sure you sew up a little carrying bag for it as a first project - it makes it even handier to just pick up and go!