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Saturday, 22 May 2010

Fabric shopping results

I really hammered the viscose knits section, and pulled them out in lots of different colours plus bought some more knits by the metre. Knits are hard to find but I wear my sewn knit tops a lot so make an effort to purchase nice knits.

I also bought two pieces of wool mox fabric - one textured shades of brown with copper squares in satin and the other lots of Ruth colours on a dark background. These are for soft cardigan style jackets for work.

I also got a leather off cut and bags of leather scraps, to try making a little blackberry slip cover.
Jenni surprised me by making me two blackberry holders in different designs, both of which can be hung from your belt. (Thank you Jenni - very much appreciated!)

Also not pictured
two weights of iron on interfacing, a roll of very ugly poly knit fabric to use to test tee shirt patterns (esp hot patterns etc) and a roll of dark teal satin for linings or maybe a blouse.

Jenni also helpfully put some more pins into version 2 of the Onion jacket muslin, despite having a VERY ANNOYING time trying to find the shop with dodgy instructions.

DH and I had planned some gardening this afternoon, but its way too hot for that - peaked at 32.5 degrees C, which is bonkersly unEnglish and frankly the whole household (cat included) is flaked out from it doing not a lot, but at least it gave me chance to phtograph and share my fabrics on the blog.


Jenni said...

Oh wow. That is some haul. I am so sorry we had so little time to chat today, or to share fabric petting time. Hopefully next time I will manage to negotiate the one way system more effectively. :)
I can also see why I had trouble finding nice knits... you had got into the baskets first. :) :) I think I have two fabrics the same as you; the dark teal soft knit and the dark pink knit. You did really well, and the teal/turquoise collection is fabulous.

kbenco said...

That is a terrific haul. I find good knits almost impossible to find. If I ever see them I snap them up!
Nearly 33 degrees? Sounds warm to me - maybe you need a sundress?