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Saturday, 22 May 2010

PR Wardrobe Contest

I love to sew capsules and wardrobes where the pieces co-ordinate.PR has a Wardrobe contest starting soon, which as seems the way with wardrobe contests has a twist, this one to identify and follow a current trend withi at least one garment in the collection.
"Wardrobe Contest" Rules: On Trend Wardrobe : June 1 to August 31, 2010

Total pieces required: 10
4 bottoms, 4 tops, 1 topper, 1 Free Choice

All tops must go with all bottoms. A topper is something worn over other garments (eg, shrug, jacket, cardigan); it must go with all outfits (including the 'Free Choice', unless the free choice is a 2nd topper).

At least one item needs to incorporate a current fashion trend. You can 'prove' this via a 2010 article, a picture of a runway or RTW item with the key feature, or reference to a current fashion related website that shows the trend being used. (Examples: The season's color forecast; retail website; runway shots.) Only one item has to fit the trend being used, although as many as desired can.
The trend part is proving quite hard for some people (including me). Sure I get inspired but often by fabric and colours rather than designers or trends. I had initially thought of a red/white/navy nautical theme, but failed to find red/white or blue/white striped fabric - though did find some turquoise and white PLUS another lady on the thread has come up with a lovely nautical inspired storyboard, and it would be a shame to steal her thunder, so I'm not sure quite what I want to do.

I have lots of fabric now, so it needs to be based on stuff I have in stash as having spent a good amount of money on the stuff in the last post I want to utilise at least some of it in the collection.

One thing that did strike me with the stuff I bought was TURQUOISE, which is apparently the Pantone colour of the year, and helpfully is a colour I like and have in the stash a little already.
There are also other references I quite like from the FashionEra website.
Turquoise, draping, wide leg nautical pants, trenchcoats, colourblocking of contrasting/multiple colours.
Anyway we'll see how it goes. Sometimes it all goes 'click' and I know what the next collection will be like.

My only reservations about a Nautical + Turquoise collection, is that my PR collection last year was called 'Inspired by the Sea' and used shades of navy, teal and turquoise, so I'd be rather revisiting something I have done before....

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Jenni said...

Hmm, bit of a difficult one. As you say you tend to be inspired by a fabric, rather than a particular look, could you see if there are any runway looks that use similar fabrics to those you particularly admire/like/speak to you/own, and use that to pin the collection together?
Or maybe take stripes (one element of a nautical look) as your inspiration but use them in an unusual way which is not nautical.