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Friday, 7 May 2010

Wardrobe Sewing

I am back from a lovely break away but didn't do any sewing. Whilst working on my two SWAPs I rather neglected some other things and need to seriously focus on sorting the large volumes of paper junk I have dumped in my study as I am working fom home more than I used to. Also need to do some Spring cleaning and generally catch up on household tasks but should be able to squeeze some sewing in between the other things.

I will carry on with the 'Newspaper Collection' which is black, white and red. The next pieces are the striped trousers and a black cardiwrap.

SWAP grand reveal is on Monday 10th May so I'll put some photos of the collections up over the weekend. Ann has asked to not have a combo picture, so the ones I have sent in are mostly me wearing the items with one hanger shot, but I'll do a combo story board of the pieces being worn and review them on PR once the contest is over.

I'm going to have another concerted attempt at getting rid of some fabric, particularly the home dec scraps in the garage. I plan to make some large and squishy envelope floor cushions (with inners) for the cat, some fabric shopping bags, maybe the odd duvet storage bag and then try and be brave and get rid of the rest on Freecycle or to local groups. We'll have to see how that goes!

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