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Saturday, 22 May 2010

Fabric shopping plans

I am off to Abakhan Fabrics in Preston this morning, and should be meeting Jenni and her mum there.

I'm not entirely sure how I want to focus, or even if that will make any difference.

For instance, I could just buy stuff I like, or I could try to buy things from a list (if I can find them) and add in a few bits I like. Do I go with the slightly vague Nautical themed summer wardrobe in mind, and try to stick to the colours that would work with that? Take swatches of existing stuff and try to match them?

Things I think I want to get
-interfacing - boring but necessary
- stripey knits - lots of them about in the garment shops and would work with Nautical if I go that way.
- cheap knit fabric for test garments. A slightly dangerous approach, but there are some new patterns I won't try with my nice knits, so in order to branch out a bit, especially with a few HotPatterns I need some fabric I don't care about but has enough stretch to be realistic as a test.
- nice knits - in fun prints and colours
- stripey fabric for trousers, as I really like striped trousers
- small scraps of velvet as DH wanted a drwstring dice bag.
- scraps of leather to make a new case for the BB as I lost the original one somewhere.
- lime satin to line the floral trenchcoat

Colours - plain knit fabrics in black, navy, brown, teal, red, coral, lime etc
Print knits in the colours
Especially looking for red as a bit short of it for the black, red, white wardrobe.

However they do not always have what you want, so I will just have to see what is there when we go.

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