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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Turquoise trends: Inspiration from East

Here I have mixed and matched from the various East collections (click to view larger) to show the type of garments I might sew. Obviously I have my own prints which are different to theirs, but I am currently planning
4 bottoms
- dirty denim jeans
- 'Dried herb' twill pants - this is the darker Khaki colour
- 'Eucalyptus' Pants - this is the lighter Khaki colour
- striped pants - of the various neutral colours

4 tops
- 2 print knit tops (turquoise + other colours from the palette below)
- 2 plain knit tops (Turquoise + Chartreuse)

1 topper
- Teal cardiwrap

1 extra
- who knows, maybe another topper, or a dress, or another knit top


Faye Lewis said...

You MUST be the best dressed woman in your town. Your collections are so beautiful.

kbenco said...

This looks like a fabulous collection.I like your thoughts of different directions to go with the turquoise.

Jenni said...

This is going to be a really fabulous collection. Love the inspiration board and I am really looking forward to following this collection.